Main Street

[March?] 1980

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January 1981

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August 1982

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Main Street was a freebie cultural newspaper that was published for several years, sort of like a stripped down LEO, except coming out on a monthly basis. It may have ceased publication with the December '82 issue--at any rate, January saw Cindy Lamb's music column (see the August 1982 first) appearing instead in the third issue of the new Louisville Artist Magazine. This was an okay arts publication, with the unfortunate stigma of being a vehicle for the owner/publisher Bucky Montgomery to serially publish his fantasy novel--well, the title says it all: "The Stonebearer"--as in ugh. Sandy provided me numerous issues of Main Street and Artist issues through July of 1983. It was remarkably arid territory. For being the music dudette in hip cultural 'zines, Ms. Lamb proved remarkably non-prescient about what was of enduring value in the local music scene. Then, in her April 1983 column (Vol. 1, No. 6) the bitch-slave of the "new wave" had the audacity to declare that no one in town could fill a punk's shoes. The May issue (Vol. 1, No. 7) was a little feisty! We were all too jaded to bother wasting a stamp on such nonsense, but--god bless youth!--it did prompt letters from Brett Ralph and Ned Oldham. It's a funny exchange, so click below.