Current Month

Issue #2 [October]

Issue #3 [May]

Issue #4 [Howdy]

Current Month was put out by John Armstrong and his friend Eric. Smart boys make cool mags. #2 featured high praise of Your Food. (Thanks to Sandy for the copy.) And then John became like the fifth portion of Your Food. He was John A. as opposed to the John B. who played guitar. Even though he lived in La Grange, he hung out with us all the time, roadied shows, went on tour with us. #3 is likely the best issue. It's basically the Your Food issue as all four of us were contributors. No page drags there! With #4, the name was changed from Current Month to Howdy. It has a sort of spoken-word review of Wolf's infamous Super Bowl party, which brought the punk house era to an end. As with Modern Magazine, the pages are presented full-scale and as published. Again, if a horizontal view is warranted, click the image and get it.