Your Food

Poke It With A Stick LP

Side A: "Leave" / "Foreign" / "Baby Jesus"/ "Cool" / "Cowtown" / "Pop" / "Corners" / "Don't Be" / "Here"

Side B: "Order"

12-inch 33 r.p.m. -- Screaming Whoredog Records / Whoredog1* -- 1983

Liner Notes--Louisville's first punk/indie album. While a little tamer than the band's live shows, a pretty accurate representation, helped in part by being recorded live-in-the-studio with a couple pints of whiskey, each track done in one or two takes. The only overdubs involved a guitar part at the end of "Leave" and another in the noise break of "Corners"--which also received a blast of static from a short-wave radio. "Order" was dumped straight from a Tewligan's boombox recording. Unlike the Endtables, when told they were trying to push too much time onto the A-side, the band refused to alter anything, even when the flaws showed up on the pictured test pressing.