Hit-A-Note Compilation 1

A Fashionable Collection EP

Side A: Blinders "It's Understood" / The Intentions "Little One"

Side B: The Frosties "Since I Met You" / Jil Thorp & the Beat Boys "Carbon Shuffle"

7-inch 33 r.p.m. -- Hit-A-Note Records NR12236 -- 1980


Liner Notes--This comp was a classic case of backing the wrong bands. Even the Blinders cut couldn't redeem it. As punk as paisley. Think Frat Boy Rock--skinny ties and wacko sunglasses. Surfin' the New Wave. Basically a waste of vinyl. At bottom is a variant picture sleeve. At first it looks like a cheap photocopy duplicate, but it's not. The cover image has been changed from halftone to duotone--and then cheaply photocopied. As well, the back cover dedication has been changed from the printed: In Memory of John Lennon 1940-1980 to a two line typewritten Produced by Jeff Carpenter: In Memory of Slim Whitman.

Since the Babs & Strict-9 made it onto the 2nd Hit-A-Note comp, think what an awesome disk this would have been if the line-up had gone Blinders/Dickbrains/Malignant Growth/Endtables (an unrecorded 7th song!)--alas, that's what hindsight leaves you with: nothing but tears of regret.