The Endtables EP

Side A: "Process of Elimination" / "The Defectors"

Side B: "They're Guilty" / "Circumcision"

7-inch 33 r.p.m. -- Tuesday Records 40983/4* -- 1979

Liner Notes: This is such a timeless 5-star classic that copies have sold on Ebay in excess of $1000. And a classy package. The textured picture sleeve contained the disk in a regular sleeve as well as a lyric insert, all of which was slipped inside a plastic protective sleeve with a fold down top. Worth mentioning is that in the original recording the song "Process of Elimination" contained a really cool 30-second intro that was unfortunately cut because of the time constraints of the seven-inch format. The picture sleeve on the bottom represents a curiosity. Picture sleeves were not printed for the entire press run of the EP. When it started becoming a collectible, some unscrupulous person(s) with disks to sell but no sleeves solved the problem, short-term, and started a scandal, long-term, by making photocopy facsimiles. The irony is that the first 50 copies of the EP that were released did indeed have color Xerox sleeves. This process proved to be cost prohibitive. When the new printed sleeves came in, the unsold units were pulled from the stores for continuity. Pictured above is one of the original original covers.