The Blinders 10"

Side A: "I'm Not Thinking of You" / "Black Mesh" / "Mix It Up" / "Deception"

Side B: "It's All Coming Back to Me" / "Dub It Up" / "I Remember"

10-inch 33 r.p.m. -- Hit-A-Note Records DM81999 -- 1981

Liner Notes--A format popular for about fifteen minutes, the ten-incher was a sort of mini-LP, an anomaly that didn't make much sense, sort of like an 8-inch pizza. A good title for this release would've been Last Gasp. While well-recorded pop, this disk featured the final line-up (Dave Thomas/drums; Bryan Hurst/bass), by which time the punk heart & soul had been excised from the band. The O'Bannon brothers loathe the thing.