Time Bomb single

Side A: "Time Bomb" -- Side B: "Figure It Out"

7-inch 45 r.p.m. -- Hit-A-Note Records NR12101 -- 1980

Liner Notes--A pretty great taste of R&B-seasoned punk. The only flaw is the recording made for a very clean pop-ish production, quite unlike the band's actual sound. The explanation for this was that the guitarists played through tiny Princeton amps which they kept cranked to 10. Inexperienced with being in a studio setting, when they were told to turn down their amps, they did. The reason the drummer is listed as "De (I'm a Blinder for Life) Carr" and isn't even pictured is because he quit the band the day of the photo shoot. This is surely one of the most elaborate picture sleeves of all time. Keep clicking the interior images and watch it unfold!