Last Chance EP

Side A [F]: "Can't Sit Down" -- Side B [3]: "1979" / "Last Chance"

7-inch 33 r.p.m. -- Warped Records 49885/6* -- 1979

Liner Notes-- The release featured the band's original line-up, with Jerry McGeorge on vocals and harmonica, so it had a decidedly bluesy flavor. After Jerry left the band, a second version of the sleeve was printed (not pictured) with him cropped from the cover photo--the bearded figure on the right--though he wasn't excised from the inside collage. To be "different/difficult" the disk eschewed the traditional A/B sides, labeled instead F/3--Front or First and referencing the 3 songs. The Side 3 inner groove (not visible in this scan) featured the secret message Ignore the 80s--as Fret recently put it: "We thought we were clever." The band so cherished this release that they "remaindered" the last box of them by frisbeeing the disks out the upstairs window of their 1069 practice room across Bardstown Road for the satisfying shattering sound they made slamming against the billboard atop Spindletop Draperies.