Babylon Dance Band

Someday single

Side A: "Someday" -- Side B: "Rubbertown"

7-inch 45 r.p.m. -- Trash Flow Records/TF03 -- 1990

Liner Notes--Although a posthumous release, as well as recording, this single has been included here because it does an excellent job of reproducing what the band sounded like. As well, hey, it was recorded in Louisville! It may be hard to see on the vinyl reproduced here, but the etching into the pressing around the label proclaims Side-A Mulhall Mania while Side-B is a simple dedication to Your Food. Lastly, for non-natives, "Rubbertown" refers not to that section of town where one can troll for hookers, but rather an area in the West End where heavy industry is allowed to poison the nearby lower-class neighborhoods.