Your Food (1982-4)

Your Food was constructed at 1069. Friends John Bailey (guitar) and Wolf Knapp (bass) began practicing there; Tari Barr (drums) lived upstairs and started sitting in; Doug Maxson (vocals) moved back in after being repatriated from the East Coast. Originally called Orange-Orange, and redubbed by Charles Schultz (drums), this group played for over a year, recording a 5-song demo. Then Tari decided to leave the band, and was quickly replaced by Charles. They recorded and released the first Louisville punk album, Poke It With A Stick (Screaming Whoredog--1983).



Some crappy little 110 snapshots of an Early Food practice, and then at a Rock Against Repression show at the Carver Center in Lexington 3.27.82. I'm guessing Michael O'Bannon shot all these.


 Main Course

I've found remarkably few photos of Finalized Food in action. The first is a shot at the original Beat Club, probably late '82, by Sue Cannon. The rest continue Kate Dunn's polaroid series with a show at B.C.'s Chili Parlor in Lexington on April 23, 1983.

We were a band, we had an album and a van, we needed promo photos, so Sue Cannon shot these--two on the inside sofa, and six on the outside sofa--one summery afternoon in 1983.



Your Food did back-to-back Derby reunion shows at Uncle Pleasants in 1991&2. Steve Good captured the 2nd show on DAT; Kate Dunn captured the 1st show on film. Although chronologically beyond the parameters of this site, it's a great series of shots of an awesome night: Your Food back on the plate, the Babylon Dance Band back in action, & Bodeco with beaucoup guest stars!