Strict 9 (1980-81)

What do you do if you are five high-school guys who totally worship The Endtables? Form a band, of course. Comprised of Paul Belker (rhythm guitar), Jeff Bennett (bass), Ken Flaherty (vocals), Bryan Hurst (lead guitar) & Mike Ballard (drums), they started out primarily playing punk covers, but soon blossomed into writing originals. They made an album's worth of studio recordings (including a cover of the New York Doll's "Looking for a Kiss" featuring the Bab's Chip Nold on vocals), but the only track to see vinyl was "Rockin' the Suburbs" on the New Accounts compilation (Hit A Note--1981).


The Windmill--June 6th, 1980.

Nedelkoff's Barn--June 15th, 1980.

The Windmill--July, 1980.

Bigelow Hall (UofL)--August 9th, 1980. Photographed by Mark Gordon.

Downtown band shots--December, 1980 (the day after John Lennon was shot). Photographed by Marie Burzynski

And a final cool shot of Ken.