Louisville Punk


[copyrights reside with the original photographers--all rights reserved--no reuse without written permissions]

No Fun

Snapshots from the No Fun show at the Cloisters on June 24, 1978.

Babylon Dance Band

A Babs' rehearsal upstairs at 1069, from early 1980.

Tari's Magic Camera

Tari Barr provided an Instamatic with film and flash to document 1069. Processed June & July 1980. GREAT series!


A vastly expanded edition, contains nearly 300 photos of all the classic bands in action!

'80-1 Personalities

Mostly my black & white.

'80-1 Interiors & Cats

My black & white.

'82-3 Black&White

Mostly mine.

'82-3 Color

Mostly mine.

"One Summer Night"

Sherry Deatrick shot the original photos one summer night in 1982.

1069 Final Portrait

After Wolf's Super Bowl Party I had enough change to buy a roll of film, and enough sense to document.

"Arby's Party"

My slides from Sep. '80. Includes the only color shots I've seen of 1069 wearing the famous pink polyester pantsuit.

Wink's Photo Album

A lot of photos wound their way into Wink O'Bannon's hands, which carefully slipped them into a photo album to document his life of crime.

Kate's Stash

A couple series circa '82-3, courtesy of Kate Dunn

From Chas

Photos from Charles Schultz, some shot by him, some saved by him. Includes some of his color 1069 Final Portrait

Curio Cabinet

Some excellent shots that didn't fit in anywhere else.

Ken's Camera

Ken Flaherty shot these awesome series in 1981.

Kenny's Memories

Kenny Ogle assembled and captioned this brilliant collection of early blurry band photos.