The Monsters (1981)

The Monsters were the first supergroup, combining Steve "Chile" Rigot and Steve Jan Humphrey (vox & drums) of the Endtables, Sandy Campbell (bass) of the Blinders, and pre-Bodeco Ricky Feather (guitar) in a cacophony of beautiful drunken noise. They had a boozy session with Jeff Carpenter and recorded about ten songs, none of which were released. I somehow wound up with these two shots of a show at Bradley Pickelsimer's famed "Club Au Go Go" in Lexington.

Finally more Monsters. Ken Flaherty took these great shots of the famous June 6th 1981 St. Matthews Potato Festival gig with the Babs. Rigot remembers that his microphone was off for the entire set--he never noticed because the stage was deafening with the sound of Ricky's feedback. Daresay the citizens of St. Matthews swore off potatoes for good after this show!

Ken also took these photos of a July '81 Monsters set at an art show down at the old Galt House (2nd & Main) . . . see also the crowd/scene shots from this event in the "Ken's Camera" gallery. Black&white photography doesn't really do justice to the RED paint slathered all over Rigot.