Malignant Growth (1980-84)

Kenny Ogle (vocals) and Mark Abromavage (guitar) were roadies for the Babylon Dance Band (carry the gear, get in free) who decided to start their own band. They enlisted Mark's brother Chris (bass), and with borrowed drummers began churning out some South End garage punk. After a couple years Kenny left town, eventually replaced by young Brett Ralph. Stir in Sid (Todd Fuller) on drums and turn on the SoCal sound, and they wound up being the Babs of the Shivelycore scene. They recorded 6 songs, three of which appeared on The Master Tapes (Affirmation--1983), a double LP compilation of regional H/C. In the mid-80s, ex-BDBer Sean Mulhall took over the skins, and the group morphed into Fading Out.


Old Growth

Bill Carner shot the first four photos, at the Windmill and the 6/15/80 "Free Fret Hondo" benefit at Nedelkoff's Barn. Paul Belker provided the three snapshots following, from a 6/6/80 Windmill gig and the same benefit.


New Growth

Mark Abromavage and Brett Ralph provided these snapshots, first from the original Beat Club, then a show somewhere else.

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