Kenny Ogle's Memory Scrapbook

No one in the early punk era assembled a photo album. Even I just kept my prints along with the negatives in the paper folders from the processors. Why would anyone go to the bother, much less expense? We were just having fun. It never occurred to us that History was in the making. Some of the real photographers of the time thank goodness kept their stuff in order, but when it came to crappy little cameras and snapshots, no one bothered to put them into albums. Except, it has come to light, Kenny Ogle, the original singer for Malignant Growth. He not only mounted his collection of blurry Instamatic photos, he also captioned them all with a blue ball-point pen. It's about the most precious document I've ever seen. The non-chronological mounting, as well as the deterioration of some of the photos, indicates this was assembled at a later date.

A few notes are needed. Kenny was a consistent if phonetic speller--I'm not touching any of that. It's half the beauty, like misheard lyrics. Obviously Kenny wasn't always the man behind the lens. If you want to say, "Hey, I took that photo," feel free. The shots in this album fall into a few basic series.

-----Babylon Dance Band at Woody's Tavern from February 9-10, 1979--the square format prints.

-----Miscellaneous Windmill. The Endtables, Dickbrains & Malignant Growth shots are from a show on May 5, 1980. The Babylon Dance Band and Users played a show likely May 12, 1980--there's a description of it in Tom Carson's Village Voice article.

-----Malignant Growth practice, circa mid-1981. These are from Chris Abromavage's living room.

-----Babylon Dance Band & Malignant Growth at the Kon Tiki apartments, October 9, 1981. A sort of pre-wedding party for Chip Nold, the night before he got married.

A few words on navigation. Once you enter the album, by clicking on the cover above, you can flip the pages forward or back by clicking on the last/next links on either side of the image. Clicking on the image itself will pull up the page in full-scale--click that image to return. The Ogle-captioned links below will lead you to much more worked up images of the actual photographs, and further notes.

Thanks to: Mike Bucayu for having safe-guarded this; Steve Driesler for having fetched and lent it; Tara Key, Tim Harris, Chip Nold, Paul Belker and Chris Abromavage for having helped decipher it; and lastly, Kenny Ogle for having assembled it!