The Endtables (1979-80)

The Endtables sprung to life half-formed at the First New Wave Festival at the Red Barn, driven by Steve Rigot (vocals) and Alex Durig (guitar), along with Max Papus (drums) and Joe Frey (bass). Soon afterward the band coalesced into its permanent line-up with Steve Jan Humphrey (drums) and Alex's younger brother Albert Durig (bass). They self-released (Tuesday Records--1979) a self-titled 4-song EP in an unusual format: a 7-inch 33-1/3 rpm disk. The remaining pair of songs from the recording session were posthumously released as a single (Self Destruct--1991).


Bill Carner shot all but the final one of these photos. The first four are from the First New Wave Festival at the Red Barn in very early 1979. The two shots of the classic band are from the Windmill, as is the Paul Belker-supplied one of Rigot getting ready to rock (shot by Bob Hunter).

Joe Frey supplied these two cool shots of members of the original line-up