The Dickbrains (1980)

The Dickbrains were a briefly-lived DIY phenom, with Alec & Cathy Irwin on bass and guitar, Charles Schultz on drums, and Tari Barr and Doug Maxson sharing vocals (Doug did a little Farfisa organ in the earlier shows). Half an attempt to emulate their hero-bands, and half an attempt to get on bills to be able to get in the bars to see their hero-bands, The Dickbrains existed barely 4 months, but managed to crank out 15 original songs, though they made no studio recordings.

Hull House Benefit

Someone held a beer bash with proceeds to help restore a big old house on Hull Street. Bill Carner took these classic photos.

The Windmill

Several different shows at the Windmill--the 8x10 was shot by Bill Carner, the proof sheet by John Nation and Bob Wardell shot about 7 minutes of non-contiguous 8mm film, transferred to video by Sue Bailey, vidcaps by Charles Schultz.

Nedelkoff's Barn

One of the final DB shows, it was up to the Knobs for the "Free Fret Hondo" Benefit. I'm guessing an O'Bannon brother took these shots.

4 more nearly identical shots provided by Paul Belker; plus a different angle, and a groovy Windmill photo by Bill Carner.