Blinders (1978-81)

The Blinders went through 3 distinct periods. The first format featured a lead vocalist Lips Rig (Jerry McGeorge) who doubled on harmonica, so the sound was decidedly bluesy. They put out the 3-song "Last Chance" 7-inch EP (self-released--1979). The classic line-up reverted to the 4-piece of De Carr (David Heidenreich)/drums - Fret Hondo (Stuart "Sandy" Campbell)/bass - Wink Cadaver (Matthew "Wink" O'Bannon)/guitar - Albert Hall (Michael O'Bannon)/guitar, with each of the three songwriters singing their own songs. They released the "Time Bomb/Figure It Out" single (Hit A Note--1980). De quit the band the day of the photo shoot for the picture sleeve--see below!--and was eventually replaced by Dave Thomas. Some months later, Sandy left the group, with ex-Strict-9er Bryan Hurst called in for bass duty. This final array released a self-titled 7-song 10" record (Hit A Note--1981). Many of the photos here came from Wink's Album. Others from Bill Carner and Paul Belker.

Original Edition

An early shot from Wink, & two Sandy had from a show at U.ofL.'s Bigelow Hall.


Classic Model

A mixture of several Windmill & Red Barn shows shot by Bill Carner, the "Time Bomb" photo shoot by Bill Parrish, and a look at Fret's last show, back at Bigelow Hall, shot by Paul Belker.


Final Version

A couple goofing around proofs at the Ivanhoe Court apartment, an 8x10 backstage at Bogarts, and a couple interesting hand-tinted prints from a show at Armando's Palace.