Dickbrains Lyric Book

Thought this was lost ages ago--turns out Charles had it preserved in a box of stuff in a storage locker in Iowa. Huge thanks to him for that, and for doing all the scanning. It was Tari's idea to have a central repository for all of the band's words--she went out and bought the blank book--and for that Louisville Punk is extremely grateful. It's a precious document. The handwriting of all five of us is represented but with no sense of order. Often as not we were penning each other's words. As for the words themselves, be kind oh gentle reader; this is all teenage verse. The lyrics aren't in chronological order, except maybe towards the end. I decided against doing any editing, so the book is presented in toto. A facsimile edition, so to speak. Arriving at the end are some blank pages, torn pages, listings of songs & set lists. Be advised that cover-to-cover involves 50 images, so go have a smoke and grab another beer before you sit down to leaf through. This book does contain every Dickbrains song, except the last one, which is provided as a bonus track courtesy of a trimmed down cheatsheet that already exists in full on the site. To keep things simple, keep clicking the images to turn the pages. If you want to backtrack a page or two, use your browser bar. The "back" link on each page will return you here. You can also go straight to the first page of individual songs by clicking the titles below. These are attributed in (words/music) to the best of my memory. All of these songs were worked up, though some never made it out of the practice space--generally killed by their creators. These are marked with an asterisk, using the three live recordings as guidance. Unfortunately, there is no record whatsoever of the song "Proud of My Cock"--which so appalled our Babylon mentors we immediately ceased and desisted. I remember just the first verse, seared into my memory: "Down in the locker room/After the game/When I step out of the shower/You're gonna be ashamed/'Cause I'm hung like a horse/And that's no lie/If you ask me more/I'll tell you why/Oh yeah/I'm proud of my cock."!!!!!


I Know I Have Something That I Need To Say (Cathy)*

Walk Away (Doug)

Decay (Alec)

Mom & Dad (Charles)*

Fat Man (Alec & Cathy)

It's Over (Alec)

Tyler Park (Alec)*

Don't Wanna Know It's You (Cathy/Doug)

Tell Me About It (Ricky Feather/Cathy)

Original (Alec)

Laundromat (Charles)

I'm Just Trying to Get Along (Cathy)

No Passion (Charles)*

I'm Not Involved (Alec)*

Cover Girl (Doug)

Show Me Something (Cathy)*

Young & Ugly (Doug)

Cuts (Alec)

You Do It So Well (Alec)

Jungle Noises [bonus track] (Cathy & Tari/Cathy)