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Louisville Punk

an incomplete archive 1978-84


We are a curious animal; we hoard scraps of paper. The core of this collection plunders the personal archives of Sandy Campbell, Douglas Maxson, Chip Nold & Wink O'Bannon. Other invaluable--& often huge--contributions have come from Mark Abromavage, Paul Belker, Bill Carner, Stephanie Carta, Kate Dunn, Ken Flaherty, Joe Frey, Tara Key, Brett Ralph & Charles Schultz. Also, a lot of this material would never have been unearthed if not for Brandon Skipworth and Nathan Smallwood and their Noise Pollution project.

A big retrospective thanks to the various photographers of the era: Bill Carner, John Nation, John Ranard, Roea Wallace & Bob Wardell . . . as well as everyone else who ever wielded a camera. Needless to say, all copyrights remain with the originators--all rights reserved--so please no re-use without explicit written consent.

The whole of this is just a gathered selection. This is what a lot of stuff looked like way back then.

As for the way stuff sounded like back then, there's not space enough for mp3s here, so go out and buy Noise Pollution's awesome compilation CD Bold Beginnings; an Incomplete Collection of Louisville Punk 1978-1983, which can be previewed at http://www.myspace.com/boldbeginningslouisvillepunk7883 . . . to purchase go to http://www.louisvillenoise.com --

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